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There is a moment in our lives when we are faced with the kind of challenge that can break us. I have faced this kind of challenge, and I can inspire you to face yours.

The Marshall Plan

Since the inception of TMP, Omer Rains has served as its Managing Member and President. Given his international business background and lifelong commitment to just and sustainable business development, TMP has created a niche that is unique in the Venture Capital community.  Learn More!

READ Global

READ’s focus is to promote literacy, inspire economic development, and empower women in the countries in which it operates. Its empowerment of women program has been highly praised and caused READ to be the recipient of special recognition by President Bill Clinton.  Learn More!

The Oceanic Library

The Oceanic Library lies on the Bay of Bengal near the mouth of the sacred Ganges River. Its name is derived from its principal funding source, “The Oceanic Protective Settlement,” of which former California Senator Omer Rains is Settlor.
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About Omer Rains

There is a moment in most of our lives when we are faced with the kind of challenge that can break us. Omer Rains – social venture capitalist, humanitarian, former California Senator, and prominent international business, media, and entertainment attorney – has faced that kind of challenge before – not once, but many times during his life.

With a passion for adventure and the outdoors, Rains looks back on a life that has taken him to over 120 countries and every region of the world. His adventures, exploits and willingness to stretch his physical and mental limits are well known. They include, among others: airplane wing walking, fire walking, Brahma bull riding, white water rafting, sky-diving, paragliding, mountaineering, jungle exploration, bungee jumping, spelunking, hot air ballooning, steer wrestling, cobra dancing, hang gliding, glacier and rock climbing, and bronco busting. He has also participated in international archaeological and scientific expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic region, and to various parts of Asia, South America, North America, and Europe.

  • Best Selling Author
  • Honored Public Servant
  • Global Humanitarian
  • Inspirational Speaker

Back to the Summit Testimonials

I first met Omer Rains on Mount Everest in 1995. At age 55, he was remarkably fit. Seven years later, while seemingly still active and fit, Omer was unexpectedly struck down by a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke. Only through a series of miracles and intense personal willpower was he able to survive and later recover. I am Nepalese—a Sherpa—and Omer’s inspirational and heroic story of recovery is a moving one both in my native land of Nepal and in other countries where he does untold humanitarian work. Today, Omer retains his ties to Nepal through frequent visitations as Chairman of READ which built the library in which I received my own education, including my ability to read and write in English. He is one of my heroes. This book is a must read for anyone with a loved one who has ever suffered a near death experience.

Kaji SherpaFormer Holder of World Record Fastest Ascent of Mount Everest

Omer Rains was a law student of mine many, many years back. Little did I know then the life challenges he had already overcome in order to even attend – much less excel – in college. It was a bit ironic when later, as Chancellor of the University of California (Berkeley) and in a classic reversal of roles, I would annually visit Omer in his capacity as a California State Senator on behalf of the University.  Omer’s story, told in “Back to the Summit,” is not just the inspirational story of how he survived a near fatal brain aneurysm, but of his humanitarian efforts to help others around the world to acquire literacy and, thus, education. This book truly speaks to a life well led.

Ira Michael HeymanEmeritus Professor of Law, University of California (Berkeley) Former Chancellor, University of California (Berkeley) Former Secretary, Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.)

Reading “Back to the Summit” causes me to feel good about my own life and my chosen profession of medicine. However, it also tells a story of powers beyond medicine. As the primary treating physician after Omer Rains initially survived a brain aneurysm and stroke, I can attest to the fact that there is no adequate medical explanation for him being alive today and for the remarkable recovery he made. This book should be an inspiration for anyone who has ever suffered, or may in the future suffer, a life threatening challenge.

Dr. David Dozier (ret.)Chief Treating Neurologist of Omer Rains

Omer Rains, Chairman of READ Global, is dedicated to promoting literacy and creating jobs in rural and remote parts of the developing world. It is Omer Rains, Chairman of READ Global, is dedicated to promoting literacy and creating jobs in rural and remote parts of the developing world. It is only because of Omer that in my own village of Ullon, West Bengal, India that we now have the “Oceanic Library.” Indeed, the Oceanic Library is a tribute to a person who survived a near-death experience and is now renown in the developing world for his work to help impoverished villages where few people know how to read or write. He is truly helping to change the world. “Back to the Summit” tells how Omer was inspired to commit his life to such humanitarian efforts.

Kapilanda MondalCEO & Secretary, VSSU (Ullon, India)